Jewelry Repair Service

No matter how much you cherish or care for your favorite necklaces and rings, jewelry has a way of falling into disrepair. If one of your favorite pieces needs repair, Gift International offers an excellent jewelry repair service. Whether it is old, broken, or missing something, we can help.

Fortunately, we can fix the broken clasp on your pearl necklace or replace the diamond on your favorite bracelet. Our jeweler can fix almost anything. We can straighten bent gold, polish precious stones, and much more.

Fine jewelry should be kept in good condition. If your gold jewelry needs repair or refinement, then stop by our jewelry store. We always do excellent work in jewelry refurbishing and adjustments.

Bring all of your broken jewelry and we will make them look new again. If you want us to do custom work, or jewelry modification bring us your pieces and we will gladly convert your jewelry to your liking.

For an excellent jewelry repair service, visit our jewelry store in Columbus, OH today!