Watch Repair Service

With the busy lives most people lead these days, time is more precious than ever. Although our cell phones display the time, nothing beats an authentic watch. They have been and will always be a timeless fashion accessory.

When your favorite watch becomes damaged or broken, don't fret! Gift International offers a highly-skilled watch repair service in Columbus, OH. We consider it a privilege to assist you in fixing your watch. For many, watches are heirlooms and carry great sentimental value. Our exceptional jeweler will do everything to restore your wristwatch to proper working condition.

Feel free to stop by our watch store every time your watch needs fixing. We perform all watch repairs and also carry affordable and reliable watch batteries.

We are happy to assist you when you need to repair your watch or want a high-quality new one. For more information on our exceptional watch repair service, visit Gift International in Columbus, OH today!